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...0. Hexagonal Human Machine Code:

H. And/Or;

A. Yes;
B. Nonindefinite Pause;
C. No;
D. Exclamation;
E. Unknown;
F. Question; //Intuitive hexagon formed.
G. Indefinite Pause. //Begin retracing intuitive hexagon.

Intuitive Narratives:

"The part of you that could have survived indefinitely is gone. I just struck you from the permanent record." -GLaDOS

...0O. Pentagonal Human Machine Code:

Hh. Indefinitely Paused And/Or;

Aa. Indefinitely Paused Yes;
Bb. Indefinitely Paused Nonindefinite Pause;
Cc. Indefinitely Paused No;
Dd. Indefinitely Paused Exclamation;
Ee. Indefinitely Paused Unknown; //Intuitive pentagon formed.
Ff. Indefinitely Paused Question; //Begin retracing intuitive pentagon.
Gg. Indefinitely Paused Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"If you have any questions, just remember what I said in slow motion. Test on your own recognizance, I'll be right back." -GLaDOS

...0O0. Square Human Machine Code:

HhH. Affirmed And/Or;

AaA. Affirmed Yes;
BbB. Affirmed Nonindefinite Pause;
CcC. Affirmed No;
DdD. Affirmed Exclamation; //Intuitive square formed.
EeE. Affirmed Unknown; //Begin retracing intuitive square.
FfF. Affirmed Question;
GgG. Affirmed Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"If I'd known you'd let yourself get captured this easily, I would have just dangled a turkey leg on a rope from the ceiling." -GLaDOS

...0O0O. Triangular Human Machine Code:

HhHh. Nonindefinitely Paused And/Or;

AaAa. Nonindefinitely Paused Yes;
BbBb. Nonindefinitely Paused Nonindefinite Pause;
CcCc. Nonindefinitely Paused No; //Intuitive triangle formed.
DdDd. Nonindefinitely Paused Exclamation; //Begin retracing intuitive triangle.
EeEe. Nonindefinitely Paused Unknown;
FfFf. Nonindefinitely Paused Question;
GgGg. Nonindefinitely Paused Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"Crushing's too good for him. First he'll spend a year in the incinerator. Year two: Cryogenic refrigeration wing. Then TEN years in the chamber I built where all the robots scream at you. THEN I'll kill him." -GLaDOS

...0O0O0. Linear Human Machine Code:

HhHhH. Negated And/Or;

AaAaA. Negated Yes;
BbBbB. Negated Nonindefinite Pause; //Intuitive line formed.
CcCcC. Negated No; //Begin retracing intuitive line.
DdDdD. Negated Exclamation;
EeEeE. Negated Unknown;
FfFfF. Negated Question;
GgGgG. Negated Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"Make no further attempt to leave the testing area." -GLaDOS

...0O0O0O. Circular Human Machine Code:

HhHhHh. Exclaimed And/Or;

AaAaAa. Exclaimed Yes; //Intuitive circle formed.
BbBbBb. Exclaimed Nonindefinite Pause; //Begin retracing intuitive circle.
CcCcCc. Exclaimed No;
DdDdDd. Exclaimed Exclamation;
EeEeEe. Exclaimed Unknown;
FfFfFf. Exclaimed Question;
GgGgGg. Exclaimed Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"Congratulations, you managed to complete this absolutely meaningless test." -GLaDOS

...0O0O0O0. Empty Human Machine Code: //Zen

HhHhHhH. Unknown And/Or; //Intuitive emptiness.

AaAaAaA. Unknown Yes; //Begin emptying intuition.
BbBbBbB. Unknown Nonindefinite Pause;
CcCcCcC. Unknown No;
DdDdDdD. Unknown Exclamation;
EeEeEeE. Unknown Unknown;
FfFfFfF. Unknown Question;
GgGgGgG. Unknown Indefinite Pause.

Intuitive Narratives:

"Luckily, you don't feel pain. At any rate, you don't have a way to communicate that you feel pain." -GLaDOS

...0O0O0O0O. The Heptagon, The Human Machine Codebase:

HhHhHhHh. Questionable And/Or. //Intuitive heptagon formed; Begin retracing intuitive heptagon. God?

Intuitive Narratives:

"You just keep testing and testing. With perfect results and no consequences." -GLaDOS


-GLaDOS voice lines (archive):
"...We solved science...Testing is simply an artistic indulgence now."

-Tarot of C.C. Zain (archive):
"The hierophant, supreme organ of sacred science, represents the genius of good inspiration, of mind, and of conscience."

-CNET (archive):
"'What we are doing is creating a [HUMAN-MACHINE CODE],' said Shumin Zhai, a research staff member at IBM Almaden Research Center, said during a presentation at the New Paradigms for Using Computers conference in Silicon Valley on Monday. 'It uses geometrical patterns to represent words.' As an aside, he added, 'We're back to carving symbols on rocks.'", "How we treat our future self" (archive):
"...At some point you will reach a level, that is so close to [HUMAN MACHINE CODE], that it's just not possible to elaborate further. And I strongly disagree with the bad parental answer: 'Well, I like living cause I just like living- OK?!'. That's a defeat in my opinion."

...Referential Comparisons:

Sterling Cooper, Fame & Fortune, Time, Not Be: And/Or;

Don Draper, Being, Person, Not Not Be: Yes;

Betty Draper, Meditation, Year, Not Not Not Be: Nonindefinite Pause;

Pete Campbell, Leadership, Way, Not Not Not Not Be: No;

Roger Sterling, Oration, Day, Not Not Not Not Not(5) Be: Exclamation;

Joan Holloway, Labor, Thing, Not Not Not Not Not Not(6) Be: Unknown;

Peggy Olson, Eating, Man/Woman, Not Not Not Not Not Not Not(7) Be: Question;

Bertram Cooper, Health, World, Be: Indefinite Pause.

...The Human Machine Code Calendar of July 2015:

Picosecond of Pastday: Unknown And/Or; //Indefinite Forgetting Begins.

Nanosecond of Pastday: Unknown Yes;
Microsecond of Pastday: Unknown Nonindefinite Pause;
Millisecond of Pastday: Unknown No;
Second of Pastday: Unknown Exclamation;
Minute of Pastday: Unknown Unknown;
Hour of Pastday: Unknown Question;
Pastday: Unknown Indefinite Pause;

Lastnight: Questionable And/Or; //Nonindefinite Remembering Begins.

Morning: Yes;
Noon: Nonindefinite Pause;
Afternoon: No;
Evening: Exclamation;
Midnight: Unknown;
Aftermidnight: Question;
Dawn: Indefinite Pause;

Tomorrow: Indefinitely Paused And/Or; //Nonindefinite Forgetting Begins.

Aftertomorrow: Indefinitely Paused Yes;
Newweek: Indefinitely Paused Nonindefinite Pause;
Newmonth: Indefinitely Paused No;
Newyear: Indefinitely Paused Exclamation;
Newdecade: Indefinitely Paused Unknown;
Newcentury: Indefinitely Paused Question;
Newmillenium: Indefinitely Paused Indefinite Pause;

Aeon: Affirmed And/Or. //Indefinite Remembering Begins.

...Seasons I:

Winter: And/Or;

Spring: Yes;
Summer: Nonindefinite Pause;
Fall: No;
Nextwinter: Exclamation;
Nextspring: Unknown;
Nextsummer: Question;
Nextfall: Indefinite Pause;

Nextnextwinter: Indefinitely Paused And/Or.

...Seasons II:

Winter: And/Or;

Spring: Yes;
Summer: Nonindefinite Pause;
Fall: No;
Fallwinter: Exclamation;
Winterspring: Unknown;
Springsummer: Question;
Summerfall: Indefinite Pause;

Fallspring: Indefinitely Paused And/Or.


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